Living on & Off campus

Review the Campus Guide

The Fall 2021 campus guide is not released yet but you can look over the Spring 2021 Graduate Student Campus Guide to get a head start on preparing to travel to campus, move-in and access, cleaning protocols, and more.

Find Your Bearings

Explore the MIT campus and the surrounding area with our liMITed edition interactive map, featuring everything from residence hall trivia and MIT history, to our favorite ramen shops and thrift stores.

Get to know the shuttles.

      • A variety of shuttle services are available to safely transport members of the MIT community to, from, and around the MIT campus.

The the MBTA subway/bus system, or "T" for short, can serve many transportation needs.

Off Campus

If you are living off campus, bookmark your city or town’s guide for residents, and explore the timelines for their school systems and avaiable childcare opportunities.

You may also want to consider consulting with the MIT’s Housing Office, even if you will be living off-campus.

The Housing Office can help with some matters related to living off campus, such as understanding the terms of your lease: you are living on campus.

On Campus

Bookmark your residence website and sign up for residence email lists. Residence websites contain important information on policies, events, and announcements relevant to the community.

Familiarize yourself with the following resources.



    • Graduate family residences have in-building laundry rooms. You can check the number of washers and dryers available in real-time from the links below.


    • Every room and suite in an MIT residence hall has a separate locked mailbox. Mail and packages should be properly addressed in order to reach its recipient: Student Name, Residence Hall Name and Room Number, Residence Hall Street Address, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

    • MIT takes reasonable precautions to safeguard over-sized packages delivered to students at their residence halls but shall not accept responsibility for lost, stolen, or mis-delivered parcels to the extent permissible by law. When a student moves from their residence hall, they are required to leave a forwarding address at